Town of Eaton

Elected Officials

Ward 1:               Roger Wells  / Email:

Ward 2:               Dustin Reese/ Email:

Ward 3:               Teresa Welsh / Email:

Ward 4:              Clay McDaniel / Email:

Ward 5:               Daniel Blankenship / Email:


The Town of Eaton’s Council is the town’s independent legislative body that works on adopting ordinances, policies, regulations, and resolutions for the town’s health and welfare. The Town Council is a five-member board, elected by the Town of Eaton voters every four years.

Clerk-Treasurer: Bridgett DeWees

The Clerk-Treasurer for the Town of Eaton is the city’s financial officer and clerk of records. Specifically, duties of the Clerk-Treasurer are:

  • Account for all of the town’s funds, assets, and policies
  • Serves as secretary to the Town Council
  • Maintain the public meeting calendar and Town Council agendas and minutes, town ordinances and resolutions, and legal contracts between the town and other agencies
  • Handle accounts payable
  • Prepare payroll of town employees
  • Issue solicitor permits
  • Announce bid opportunities
  • Disburse checks for vendor claims and accounts payable
  • Maintain human resource records and applications for employment
  • Collect fees as set according to city ordinances
  • Provide for review of financial data, including revenues, expenditures, town budgets, as well as the annual financial report
  • Managing and maintaining public records

In Indiana, town Clerk-Treasurers are elected by the town’s voters every four years. Town of Eaton’s Clerk-Treasurer, Bridgett DeWees, is assisted by her staff, Utility Clerk Derek Mitchell.