Town of Eaton

Elected Officials

Ward 1:    Roger Wells

Ward 2:    Dustin Reese

Ward 3:    Teresa Welsh

Ward 4:    Meghan Deckman

Ward 5:    Daniel Blankenship


The Town of Eaton’s Council is the town’s independent legislative body that works on adopting ordinances, policies, regulations, and resolutions for the town’s health and welfare. The Town Council is a five-member board, elected by the Town of Eaton voters every four years.

Clerk-Treasurer: Bridgett DeWees

The Clerk-Treasurer for the Town of Eaton is the city’s financial officer and clerk of records. Specifically, duties of the Clerk-Treasurer are:

  • Account for all of the town’s funds, assets, and policies
  • Serves as secretary to the Town Council
  • Maintain the public meeting calendar and Town Council agendas and minutes, town ordinances and resolutions, and legal contracts between the town and other agencies
  • Handle accounts payable
  • Prepare payroll of town employees
  • Issue solicitor permits
  • Announce bid opportunities
  • Disburse checks for vendor claims and accounts payable
  • Maintain human resource records and applications for employment
  • Collect fees as set according to city ordinances
  • Provide for review of financial data, including revenues, expenditures, town budgets, as well as the annual financial report
  • Managing and maintaining public records

In Indiana, town Clerk-Treasurers are elected by the town’s voters every four years. Town of Eaton’s Clerk-Treasurer, Bridgett DeWees, is assisted by her staff, Utility Clerk Derek Mitchell.